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Stage Events by Broadway Productions


For posterity's sake, for fundraising purposes, for Internet distribution, Broadway Productions is available for many types of stage events. Choose yours from the list below. Or call if you don't see exactly what you need.

All packages are for 3 hours total, including any intermissions and late starts. Programs running longer than 3 hours for any reason can add time for an additional cost. A single Master Blu-ray (or DVD) is included with your order, but additional copies can always be ordered separately for parents, students, etc. Price varies according to the disk format and length of the finished program.

Plays, Recitals, Graduations and other stage events.

One Camera - $400 - A single camera with operator covers all the stage action for up to 3 hours. Audio is recorded using both the on-camera microphone for audience applause, as well as a direct feed from the house sound system for clearer speach and vocals (whenever possible). These two audio tracks are then mixed in post-production for a professional result. If a direct house feed is not possible, we can also provide an audio operator and wireless microphones for an additional fee, which will vary depending on the sound design required for your program.

Two Cameras - $800 - Two cameras cover the entire stage from the back of the auditorium, the first for wide shots and the second zooms in to follow the close up action on stage. The two cameras are intercut for a more cinematic result. Audio is recorded as above.

Three Cameras - $1,200 - This option is essentially the same as above, but adding a third camera so the editor has a total of three to cut back and forth between. This is often a good idea for musicals when there is a duet, or any play where action switches rapidly between two or more groups on stage. The musical "Grease" is a good example of a play that has both a duet and action between two groups.

Additional Hours - $100/hr/camera - If your program is longer than 3 hours, the extra time can be added to your order in one hour increments.